To hear my siblings tell it, I am the worst person in the world to shop for. I'm not sure that's entirely true, but I do see why they might think so. With the exception of my niece, who may be a science nerd in training, I am the only science geek in my family; between science and digital scrapping, my interests lie far outside their own. They are somewhat bemused as to some of the gifts I do get. I wept for joy when Peter gave me a new EHD, for example. How to explain the pleasure and relief at being able to back up all of one's digital photos and scrapbook materials, if these are hobbies you don't do? (Peter doesn't quite "get" this whole digital scrapbooking thing, either, but he does understand the value of backing up one's work! Smile ) Still, they are very good-natured about it all, and make a great game out of trying to find just the perfect gift. In addition to digital scrapping, I also loooooove to bake, and this year my niece scored with a most excellent find--a pi plate! How utterly cute is that?!? Of course, my sibs rolled their eyes and gave each other knowing looks when I started taking pictures of it. Smile

Sarah Horton
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Cassie Jones
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