10. We celebrated Dad’s birthday at dinner with Cec and Joorj and the kids. After a lovely Thai meal we had cake on the boardwalk. 11. I took the kids out past Murgon to stay on the Kratzmann’s farm for the weekend. These cows are on Mark’s parent’s farm. 12. After it rained all night (and we were camping) we packed up and came home - I was filthy! 13. Hayden went out to pick the tomatoes growing in Mema and B’Pa’s garden. 14. This is my new favourite shot of the kids - Mum was having them smile for a photo and I came and snapped this behind her - love it! 15. We spent two nights in Highfields, outside Toowoomba visiting Sezzie, Jordy and Azzie. Hayden loved the pool. 16. Melting ice cream in Esk, on our way home.

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