I have enjoyed all the wonderful pages with stories without using a photo on the page and I wanted to attempt to do this challenge. This story about my daughter and her struggle with a college course that was kicking her academic butt seemed to fit the challenge for me. She may only have gotten a 'C' for all of her efforts, but I know she LEARNED so much more about herself in the process............and that is the bigger LESSON in life.
Thanks for looking.

The semester you took anatomy was the worst semester for you….I know, I was on the other end of those phone calls. You failed the first test and you were so upset. You DO NOT fail tests. What happened? You studied so hard, but that test was like no other you had seen before. You quickly knew you had to step it up and make some changes in your study methods in order to salvage this grade. You bought the additional study guide, you joined a study group, you spent additional hours in the lab, and you met with your professor once a week to go over information. You just wanted it to be over, but you continued to put forth the effort and open the book to each new chapter even though you were feeling frustrated and miserable and the whole situation was taking its toll on your self esteem. You went into the final needing every point you could get in order to pass the class. You were so stressed. The class had begun with 300 occupied seats and you sat with the 150 remaining students who had struggled their way to the final test. When you received your grade of ‘C’ you could finally breathe a sigh of relief. You had never worked so hard for a ‘C’ in your academic career. You weren’t happy with what it did to your grade point, but this C taught you so much about yourself and your abilities to face challenges when you wanted to give up. Remember what you learned……Life is all about facing your challenges!


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