I'm back....finally! Just finished my fall semester. Sooooooo happy to be done. Finally some scrapping time!

As most of you know, my oldest son, Von, is autistic. Getting his yellow belt in karate (heck, even just participating in a sport) is HUGE for us. We could not be prouder of him.

"Getting a yellow belt may not seem like a big deal to some but it is huge in our house. You accomplished something that is not easy for you. Karate requires patience, attention, rule following and a great deal of social skills. All of these are challenges for you. You never cease to amaze me.

I have learned that no matter how small, all accomplishments need to be celebrated.

I have learned to appreciate what many others take for granted.

I have learned what real determination looks like.

I have learned patience and acceptance.

I am a better person."

Anna Aspnes:
CurvyCorners Stitched Borders No. 01 12 X 12

Cassie Jones:
Laying It All Out No. 13: Spot Coloring and Custom Overlays

Michelle Martin:
Ingrid Kit (white paper)

Katie Pertiet:
Brushed Alphabet No. 03
Simple Classics No. 07 Kit (yellow paper)