I'm back and ready to get caught up! Smile

Katie Pertiet:
Days of December Layered Templates No. 4
Fa La La paper (striped)
Flourished Christmas (red, green paper)
Holiday Trimmings ribbon
Alandia Noel kit (messy stitching)
Days of December
Drop Shadow Styles

Anna Aspnes:
Loop da Loop artstrokes No. 1
Artplay Nativity

Pattie Knox:
Shimmer Tidbits splattered

Ali Edwards:
Filled with Joy (word art)

Today started out as any other day: we had school (a really fun learning day!) and even finished a little early. Our afternoon was filled with stories and with me trying to get many things done before my trip and also before we had to leave for Awana in Missoula tonight. We ate dinner at Grammy and Grampy's and then left in plenty of time to get to Awana. When we left the roads were dry, but then the rain started to fall. It was 26 degrees and right as I was about to mention that we should slow down, the back end of our truck started to slide. It went so fast after that. We started to slide off the road, then Erik brought the truck back, but then we were sliding straight into oncoming rush hour traffic. We were all so calm. The kids were silent. I quietly said, "Not into oncoming traffic!" Just in time we slid the other way, sliding forward but with our truck facing sideways. Once I saw that we were going to go off the road, I felt relief and calmly looked back at the kids and told them to relax and not tense up. I was sure our truck was going to roll on my side, and in fact it hung on two wheels for what seemed like forever. We then landed with a "thump" but on all four wheels at least. We were down in a ditch but we were ok. The kids were still really mellow, but asking questions about what just happened. I immediately started praying and thanking God for His protection as I called 911. The 911 operator assured me that help was on the way. Two other cars had just rolled over on the other side of the highway so we weren't the only only ones in trouble. Right away several people stopped to see if we were ok. One man stayed with us for over 20 minutes, trying to help us 4 wheel our way up and out. we just kept sliding and several times came close to rolling. The kids started to panic and so did I, but I had to hide it. I told Erik no more, we have to wait to be towed out. We waited for 1 1/2 hrs. for the tow truck to pull us out. so many people stopped to check on us including of course, the county sherriff and Highway Patrol. Women traveling alone pulled off the road and climbed down where we were to check on us! The kids started to struggle with being scared and wondering if we were ever going to get out. Noah threw up his entire dinner - I know it was because of his adrenalin and/or just being scared. There were tears here and there despite my attempts to sing songs, talk about our favorite Christmas traditions etc. It worked for a little while, but not long. It was a huge relief for all of us once the tow truck pulled us back up on the road. Then I had to hide how nervous I was about driving home on the ice because I didn’t want the kids to be scared. Ella and Sam slept, but Noah stayed awake to make sure we got home without sliding again. Sad When we got home, we decided to “have a sleepover” on the living room floor. I knew we would sleep horribly, but we just all wanted to be snuggle and be together. I’m so thankful and so overwhelmed by God’s hand on us that night. I’ll never forget it.