3. Time to put up the tree! Hayden was a great helper this year. 4. The first Roller-Derby bout on the Sunshine Coast, the Slay Bells vs the Bloody Hollys, Cecilia’s big night! 5. The tree decorations were finished today, pretty tree. 6. Dad has the usual outdoor lights on the house, I love Christmas lights! 7. Another day with the books (like yesterday), I have to have my chapter finished by tomorrow... I think I can, I think I can. 8. The first presents under the tree - pretty. 9. The night finally arrives for the U2 concert. Mike, Jells, Prue and I went to Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane for their second show there. It was a fabulous night, we were in the ‘inner circle’ of the claw and very close to the band. Bono still has it, U2 are genuine rock stars!
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