26. My techno-chicky! Georgia has her own iPod touch, yes... she is only three, but you can’t have one child with one and one without, well, that’s how I see it! 27. It was a perfect sunny morning so my babies had an early morning float (and swim!) in the canal. 28. Georgia and Quinn, we had a BBQ lunch at the Kratzy’s. 29. When I picked the kids up from school today we all went down to La Balsa park for a swim, it was lovely, a perfect end to the day. 30. The goslings room is getting ready for Christmas, Georgia made this snow-man today. 1. The kids were dressed up ready to have a Santa photo but we missed him! I took some shots instead (and we saw Santa the next day). 2. Goodbye Mrs Forke, today was, sadly, the last day of grade one.

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