Decided to pull together a LO about where I used to work. Haven't been gone that long but brought back a lot of memories already. What changes twenty years can bring. I was thinking about loving to gaze out those windows as I worked and realized I went from looking at a two lane road to an eight lane road...with traffic non-stop on it!! There have been a LOT of changes.

Katie Pertiet
Camo Style: Green Kit (recolored)
Ledger Grids No. 02 Brushes and Stamps
Botanist Notebook No. 13 Kit
SunPrint Kit
Color Challenge 5-23-10

Anna Aspnes
Journaling Challinge 30 May 2009

Michele Martin
Jelly Alphabet No. 19

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Beachy One Papers and Ribbons

Debbie Hodge
Get It Scrapped Sketch #4

Font: Another Typewriter

Dana Zarling: Average Joe