JoJo had a flag football tournament today so Aubrey and I spent the day hanging out. We also began decorating the house for christmas by putting the garland on the upstairs windows, the ones we could reach. That afternoon when JoJo got home we were greeted by an early snowfall. We hardly ever get snow here and it is even more rare to get it this early in December. JoJo, Aubrey and the dogs immediately went outside to play. Aubrey loved it and refused to come in. JoJo made the mistake of teaching her how to catch snow in her mouth and she wanted to do it all day. Finally after her nose was as red as rudolph’s we made her come in.


Background Papers: Three Paper Peonies, 12 Days

Other Papers: Leora Sanford, Noel

Template: One Little Bird, 12 Days

Word Art: One Little Bird

Stitches: Anna ******, OMG Stitching

Sequin: Little Dreamer Holiday Hoopla