Buck, the owner of the store where I worked, son and I were quite often the only ones in the store. We did mostly high end condo contract work so there was little to no walk in trade. That left us to pretty much do what we wanted.

The previous day we had seen bees in the ceiling above the dropped ceiling. A bug man came out and dusted them out. No problem. Only problem was that they moved outside to the tree. They were swarming there till whomever it is they send out found a new home for them!! There were thousands of them. You can see the lump in the two pictures of the tree.

Buck didn't want them there for fear they would come back into the building. With a great man idea, he decided he would take a big plastic bag, climb on the ladder, put the bag up from the bottom over the swarm and bing....pull the draw string!!! Then he would throw them away. (Right. But who am I to tell him not a good idea???)

So he proceeded. The rest was history. The bees were far smarter and faster than he was and attacked him with vengeance. He dropped the bag as you see in the pictures,down off the ladder and ran for safety into the office. Only problem...they followed. It filled the office with bees...angry bees. No problem. He grabbed the jet vac and ran around sucking each and every one up!!! What he did with them in the vac I never asked. Some things are better off not knowing!

We laughed so hard about this. It was so funny to be there and hear his screams and his frantic running around the store sucking up bees!! LOL

Somehow, I just had to put this one in my Man Ideas portfolio!! Working with men for all my life, I have many!!! LOL At least this one worked out with no injuries!!


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