light streams through my kitchen window most days of the year. it does so mostly unnoticed by me. it is only in december when i hang my collection of crystal snowflakes that it demands my attention; forces me to stop, to look, to see all there is to appreciate in my everyday life. as a result it brings me great joy. it occurs to me that this possibility is present every day in all that i have and all that i do if i only take the time to make the most of what is given me. and so today on the seventh day of december i will take the time to appreciate and reap great joy from the seven colors of the spectrum.

lynng: love-button, angelic-snowflake.

AAspnes: Christmas WA1.

MMartin: Bergen and Bella, paper and ribbon.

AEdwards: 31 Days 12X12 Overlays and bonus template.

Font: Century Gothic