This page is from the book I made for my parent's 50th Anniversary this past June. It is one of the Christmas's that stands out in my mind, most likely because it is the only Christmas that we weren't at home! Also, my grandmother gave me a barbie doll and I was so afraid that my mom wouldn't let me keep it. She always said that we couldn't have any dolls with figures better than hers. I'm sure she was joking, but as a 5 year old I believed her!

I used this same layout for the entire book (some 160 pages), adjusting the photos as needed Some pages have text in Ariel of familly stories. All pages have names, whatever in FG Script Elegant (which looks like my handwriting) near the pictures as needed for description.

- supplies -

Naturally Krafty No. 07 Paper Pack
Anna Aspnes - Kit for Ali Edwards Yesterday & Today Class
fonts: ariel, FG Script Elegant

Thanks for looking! Carol