I'm a little late lifting - but I still wanted to do this. Crissy is incredibly talented, and has an amazing gallery.
I'm also a big fan of her photos and love the way she processes them too. She was kind enough to share parts of her secret with me. Thanks, Crissy! Smile
I lifted this gorgeous layout: Exactly

My daughter is rather talkative - here are some of the things she says:
- Jo, can I play with you please?
- My name is Iben! (The name I wanted her to have, and after I told her about that, she has refused to be called anything else. Dad's not to happy about that. hee hee)
- Hello, mom! (Every morning, in a very sweet voice)
- I didn’t whine! (Said in a whiny voice)
- I want to take a bath!
- Crocodiles live in the sea, in Africa and in Tomerica. (Still not totally convinced they don’t live under your bed too, though)

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