AH!! The last of the Gloria pages!! They went to Cedar Point amusement park but only took one...well really two, photos...a family one. She took one and hubby took one. Well, I wanted to get them both on the page so I added her as the photographer!!! LOL

By the way, I did hear from the marketing people at Cedar Point. The man I wrote was kind enough to personally call me twice, and give me permission to use pictures off the web site and wished me well that it turned out great! Many thanks to Cedar Point. They rock!!

And they rock in more ways than that! The park is right on Lake Erie (litterally, right on the coastline) and has seventeen...that's right...17 roller coasters!!! Go to the web site and check them out. They have videos of riding on each one. What a virtual trip for me. I do not like roller coasters. The park has really changed since I was there last!!

This, too, brought back a lot of memories for me as I was remembering when Jim had the youth group from our church there and a tornado hit. He was running through knee high water on the midway rounding up kids, all the while dodging hot charcoal embers from grills that had been overturned!! Very bad time. Thank God all the kids were safe, but unfortunately, there was some loss of life that day!!

It has been so much fun doing this album for my friend. She doesn't want it in Shutterfly, but would rather have the pages printed off. So I need to get printing!!! She would like four copies so she can give each daughter one. I think that will be special for them!!


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