What a joy. What a pleasure. What a wonderful morning to spend some time with my DD friend, Marnie. We met for brunch and as expected the time flew by. For two people who had never met before we had so much to talk about and laugh about and catch up on. It is amazing how much we already knew about one another from the pages we post here in the gallery. Marnie is as kind and wonderful in person as she is here at DD with her posts and comments. I hope you get back to Missouri again very soon, Marnie!!

(Ironically, as we chatted, a woman at the table next to us held out her camera and asked if we would take her and her friend's photo............boy, did she ask the right people for that favor!! Such a simple request on her part, but she had no way of knowing that it was the love of capturing moments and preserving memories that had brought Marnie and I to that table next to her that morning!)

Katie Pertiet
File Tab Words Fall No. 01
Defined Clippings No. 02
Neutral Word Bits No. 01
Matte Black Vintage Frames
Yellow Word Bits No. 01
Simple Word Tags
Defined Discs
Loosely Labeled No. 03
Ad Inspiration 72510
Monarchy Kit

Anna Aspnes
ScriptTease Fall Overlays No. 01
LabelTransfers No. 02
ArtPlay Palette Fall (brushes)
Autumnal PageSet
Fall FrameTransfers No. 01
GoldPaint No. 01
ArtPlay Cuisine No. 01 (fastener)
Stitched by Anna Brown No. 01

Ali Edwards
Fall Sentiment Stacks Brushes and Stamps