Hope those of you here in the USA had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. It's late Sunday night, the end of the four-day Thanksgiving weekend and I'm pooped! We've been busy, busy, busy for the whole holiday, but now the last of the company has left, the good china has been put away, and I finally have time to put my feet up and scrap!

This page tells a story that is really only funny to the people who were there. (Making gravy from canned chicken stock is not such an unusual occurrence, but it is if you were expecting to use the drippings from the turkey! Smile ) It's a story that will define Thanksgiving 2010 for us, so it's a story I wanted to record, even though (or perhaps more especially because) no one thought to take a picture when everything was going on. Sheesh! It's hard when you're both the cook and the memory keeper! I need more hands!

MacGyver, for those of you who may not know, is the name of a character from a USA TV show that was popular some years ago. MacGyver was known for thwarting disaster with common household objects--disarming a nuclear bomb with a paper clip, using a pen casing as a fuel line--you probably get the idea.

Journaling reads:
"Okay, he didn’t REALLY use those things, but he did help avert a major Thanksgiving disaster, and THEN he helped avert a serious Thanksgiving disappointment! The story is this...

As Thanksgivings go, this one had been just about perfect so far, which meant we were due for a mishap at any moment. It’s not like something went wrong every year, but, well, we have had our share of Thanksgiving fails. Who can forget the year of the broken garbage disposal, or the year of the leaky water heater, or the year of the not-calibrated oven temperature? This year, we made it all the way to the end of the meal prep and still no catastrophes. I was finishing up the last task necessary before we could eat--making the gravy. As I always do, I poured the turkey roasting pan drippings into a separator cup, a cup with a special spout that allows the the good stuff to be poured off, leaving the grease behind. I had poured some of the good stuff into a sauce pan, and had added a pinch of this and a dollop of that. When the gravy was nearly finished, I asked John to taste it, to see if it needed anything else. Ugh! He made such a face and then said so that only I could hear, “I think there was some detergent in that pan.” What?!? I quickly sampled the gravy and agreed with him--it tasted like dish washing soap! Perhaps some suds from the kitchen sink had splashed into the sauce pan, but no matter. Everything was still under control--I had more good stuff in my separator cup, so I got a new sauce pan and poured the remaining drippings into it. Before adding anything else, though, both John and I tasted the drippings and discovered--horror of horrors!--we could still taste detergent! So, the original sauce pan had not been the culprit. Since the drippings had come from the turkey roasting pan, I looked at the turkey and my heart nearly stopped. What if something had gotten into the roasting pan? What if the turkey had been infused with eau de detergent? With a shaky hand, I reached over to the carving board, picked up some turkey meat and gingerly tried it. Oh thank heavens! The turkey seemed to be fine! We weren't going to have to eat bologna sandwiches on Thanksgiving Day! Now, however, I was out of drippings, and it was probably the separator cup that had been the problem all along. Everyone was being a good sport about not having any gravy to ladle over their food, and we were all truly grateful that the detergent-flavored gravy had been discovered BEFORE we’d done that (Whew! Disaster averted!), but still, no gravy? Really? On Thanksgiving Day? After a moment’s thought, John said that he could probably cobble something together. Canned chicken stock and turkey meat, salt and pepper and a bit of corn starch, and a few minutes later, we had a gravy that was not half-bad! Wayne promptly dubbed it “MacGyver Gravy,” and we laughed and raised a glass in thanks. A moment later, John asked, “Who’s MacGyver?” Who’s MacGyver?!? You are today, dear bro-in-law! You are!"

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