I had been thinking about this experience since we were in Italy, and it took a bit of time for the words to express what I felt. btw, I just celebrated 24 years of sobriety so the experience really touched me.

As many of my friends know, I often wish I was not making so many long trips. I have become quite the homebody in my later years. But sometimes life gives you a chance to relive a memory and see it with new eyes. I had no idea that this was going to be a gift I would get on a recent trip.

Years ago when I was a young mother of 28, my then husband and I took a long camping trip from England to Italy. I had just had my second son and my in-laws flew to England for the summer to baby sit our boys. I had the trip methodically planned with my Micheline guides and knew what we were to see on what day. Ah the control I felt I had then! When we reached southern Germany and drove into Switzerland, I saw the Alps for the first time. What I said has been etched upon my soul because even then I knew something was wrong. I said, They really aren't all that impressive at all. Oh so jaded, oh so increasingly dissatisfied with life. And oh, how often my vision was clouded with alcohol.

Flash forward to 2010, I am now in northern Italy, staying at Lake Orta. The Italian lakes where my 2nd son was conceived but now I am with my 2nd husband and the weather is late autumn and overcast with fog. On our 3rd day the weather clears, and my eyes open, my eyes really open to the majesty that is the Alps. Now I can see with eyes that are clear and sober these many years. I wept with the knowledge of how blind I had been. Not just to the Alps but to so very much of my own day to day life. Today I am no longer blind…I can see and I choose to see.


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