iTunes Inspiration Challenge No. 53

So, I'm working in the lab tonight/this morning (yes, it's Sunday night/Monday morning; yes, it's very late; yes, I'm exhausted!), and I found myself with a three-hour time period to fill. Much of experimental science is of the hurry-up-and-wait variety; the trick is finding something meaningful to do during the large gaps between steps in a procedure. I could have spent the time catching up on my journal reading, or setting up experiments for Monday, or maybe even napping, but I came up with a different idea. Smile I'm almost embarrassed to tell you that this is yet another page for my Maui book; you know--the one I've been working on since last May! While cruising the gallery earlier, I saw that Doris (echogirl) and akpatterson had both just published links to albums they'd completed, and that gave me renewed interest in completing an album of my own. I've finished nearly everything for this album, including a pile of multi-photo pages, but I still have a handful of single photos I want to put on separate pages, and this is one of those photos.

The story is this...

I'm a sucker for old buildings, particularly if the old building happens to be a church or a temple. (I remind those of you not from the USA that the USA is a young country, so anything older than ~150 years is old! Smile ) Even as towns around them grow up and grow modern, places of worship tend to remain untouched and unspoiled. What draws me to them isn't just the architecture; it's also because such buildings seem to exude a kind of grace and serenity and quiet dignity. The Kaulanapueo Church, seen on the Road to Hana, is one of many churches we saw while on this excursion. It's a simple, one-room structure, lovingly maintained, and in the most beautiful of settings: green lawn and lush vegetation in one direction, breathtaking ocean view in the other. Because it's off the beaten path and not even remotely visible from the Road to Hana, it does not seem to attract many tourists, so we had it all to ourselves.

I've had a nasty case of scrapper's block recently and I could not for the life of me think how to scrap this photo. I was looking through the various challenge galleries tonight and got inspired by Mel's latest iTunes challenge. Thanks, Mel! Smile

Ugh! Too tired to post credits tonight, but I'll be back after a few hours of sleep and a giant cup of caffeine (or maybe two cups)! Smile


...and we are back. Is it really Monday already? Oh well, Thanksgiving is nearly here, and I am thankful for so many things, including a short work week. Smile

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