I was feeling down all day today. I called a friend and unexpectedly burst into tears. It is frustrating to be housebound for all this time, plus the dang leg still hurts. This made me feel much better.
I won't be doing dailies any more-- just weekly layouts about my progress-- I have too much school work to catch up on! I may finish some of the earlier days I never posted.
Anna's Handmade Paperie and Torn and Tattered Template
Katie's Rounded Words, Brushed Alpha and Wire Rimmed Flowers
Pattie's Staple Its
Journaling: gratitude (It's a little word, but it's powerful.)
Thank you, God, for: Family, my husband, my son, my daughter, sunlight in my window, friends, home, health, faith, food to eat, good medical care, happy memories, a job I care about, a school I love, my home, my old car, my red hair, my brother and sister-in-law, my nieces, great books to read, good movies, my computer and monitor, my eyesight, my living room rug, my leather chair, my garden, my dog, my two cats, so many friends, warmth in winter, shade in summer, chocolate in moderation, freedom, the full moon tonight, the solar system, the Horesehead Nebula, the Hubble space telescope, fiddlehead ferns, the Bronx Zoo and the NY Botanical Gardens, the Cloisters and the Metropolian Museum of Art, roasting chestnuts on NY Street corners, Food TV, the Eloise books, poetry, a good cup of coffee...
November 21, 2010