Smile It is good to be scrapping again after a long break.

"There it is. The fourth tooth is out. How you waited for this one to fall! The middle one is synonymous with Status. Of “Big Boy”. Of learning to whistle. And poking the tongue through the opening. You were so proud when the tooth was getting loose. You would wiggle it. And then one day Aba asked to see if it was loose. Reluctantly you let him try. But then before you blinked, the tooth was out and you jumped one huge level in Status among all six years olds around. Probably in all the world. Now, when is the next one going to go? And when will I see your complete smile again? For now I adore your new look. "

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Lynn Grieveson - Scrap Express no90
Michelle Martin - Noemi kit

tOOtH fAiRy ElementSet
tOOtH fAiRy Pattern Paperie
tOOtH fAiRy Solid Paperie
tOOtH fAiRy WordART
Graphic Pop Border Strips
Owlie Epoxies
Epoxy Extravaganza: In A Word Vol. 02
Torn N Tattered Scalloped PaperStrips No. 01
DifferentStrokes No. 04 BrushSet
DifferentStrokes No. 05 BrushSet

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