Day 12 - A Day for Reflection

Kate Pertiet: Brushed Alpha, card and heart from Filed LT, Roughed up Cardstock Seaside, Neutral Word Bits No. 1, Staples from l'Automne Kit, Totally Tied Fasteners, freebie Quote Inspiration 10/17/10.

Anna Aspnes: Handmade Paperie No. 1 Slate, Journey Word Transfers No. 1.

Ah, the next day it is always good to correct the typos! Here is my journaling:
"This morning I awoke early, at 5:30, and began to get ready for the day, standing on one leg with the other kneeling on a chair at the kitchen sink as I washed first my face and then my hair, feeling the joy of the water as it ran through my fingers and splashed on my face and neck. As I returned to the living room and looked out the window, I saw the yellow leaves on the trees outside heavy and dark from the rain of yesterday. By late afternoon, the wind had shaken all the leaves from these same trees and they stood bare against the grey November sky.
I saw the doctor this morning for my first post-surgical follow-up. My ankle is healing, the fracture barely discernible on the x-ray, which also shows the long, thin piece of metal that holds the bones in place. Five more weeks until I can put weight on my leg.
The sky today was beautiful - a perfect late-Autumn day, with wind pushing grey clouds across the sky. Sunset from my living room window showed that the wind had shaken all the leaves from the trees. The trees stood bare, silhouetted against the sky, with its rich shades of golden sun and pink, purple and grey clouds against a steely blue sky.
Because the pain has lessened, I can stop and ask the meaning of this time in my life, and this injury, knocking me off my feet. What message does it have for me? How are my priorities changed? How will I interpret this to myself? What are the deep messages my aching ankle speaks to me?"