Just in case you can't tell what he is doing...he is studying a blade of grass on top of a hill.

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K. Pertiet
Art Time Element Pack
Vintage Text Paper (used as an overlay)
Alandia Ranchero Kit
Defined Discs No. 1
Lifted Wings No. 3
Little Shores Kit
Eat Cake Photo Corners

A. Aspnes
Lable Transfers 2
Art Play Palette 8
Magic Flares No. 1
Art Play Palette No 2
Wander Kit
Fotoblendz Overlays No. 1
Spackle Texture
Curvy Corners Stitch Borders No. 1
Artists Edge Overlays No. 6

M. Martin
Jelly Alpha No. 18 (recolored)
Just Ribbed No. 2

P. Knox
Ragbag Remants
Baker's Delight Kit
Little Folded Ribbons 2

J. Edwards
Caught Red Handed