I've officially been doing this project for 365 days - whoo! I started in November last year to get in the habbit before 2010 - however, I will (at the very least) see this year out... and am perhaps already thinking about my layout template for next year ;o

5. At the Woombye Pub for lunch with Richard and Linda, they had been out to see the block, then saw the display house and Hayden’s school before we had dinner in Mooloolaba, they only had one full day here on the coast this trip. 6. The terrible trio! 7. Stella’s turn to blow out candles, the girls are growing up very quickly. 8. I didn’t even realise that I took an ‘8’ photo on the 8th, it is also my 1 year point of a photo-a-day. This is at the Woombye park. 9. Hayden took this on his touch, love the movement in the shot. 10. I’m often in awe of the beauty in nature and this is no exception, on a walk with Jells and Prue. 11. More of Mother Nature’s beauty, I chased down this rainbow to take a good shot, well... a shot without powerlines!

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Katie Classic Cardstock: Pilgrim
Ali Days + Months Hand Drawn Brushes
Anna In Review WordART No. 01

Font - Georgia
Template - mine but inspired by the lovely work found here sweetpeony

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