This old photo of my DH came my way quite unexpectedly this weekend and well, I couldn't resist!

Marshall Dillon:
a pretty little lady like you needs a man to protect 'em.

Miss Kitty:
not really, i've got a loopdaloop and i'm not afraid to use it.


KPertiet: Alandia Rancheros Kit, Mixed Bag Brushes No. 5, Candid Elements, Filed PhotoFrames No.4, Vintage Journal Spots No.2, Drop SHadow Styles.

AAspnes: LoopDaLoop Melange Strokes, StitchedByAnna Borders 2, FotoBlendz Clip Mask 1.

MMartin: Colbie Solids.

lynng: Hint at It No.5, Vintage Youngsters, Worn Page Edges3.

Cassie Jones: HDTDT 18 Weaving Words.

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