Along with my love of scrapbooking comes a love of old photographs. I came across photos of a child, age 2 years, 9 months, and again at about 6 1/2 years of age, from the late 1800's and fell in love with this child. I have a love for the 1800's and am mesmerized by that era. Through I was able to look up this child, an Agnes Howard Hoyt, and was lucky enough to find a bit about her life. A funny note: I guess back in the 30's, in small town USA, newspapers would print all sorts of tidbits, like, Miss Aggie Holt is in town to visit with her sister Helen Newcomer, or the one I created a clipping of, which reads: Miss Marjorie Newcomer received two horn toads Tuesday from her aunt Miss Agnes Hoyt, a teacher in the schools at Tuscon Arizona. They were sent from Flagstaff, Arizona, where Miss Hoyt is vacationing. Miss Hoyt has also sent her sister Mrs. G. V. Newcomer, a large and interesting collection of cactus plants which grows abundantly there. It seems this town knew everything that was going on with their residents. In any case, I often look through to try to find decendants of these photos, and although I was unable to find a close relatives of Aggie, I have found others in the past whom were quite thrilled to see photos of their decendants. Although I love all the old photos I have, I feel sad that they are not in the hands of family. I made this page as a tribute to Aggie, - I do not think I will ever forget her sweet little face.

Journaling reads: Agnes Howard Hoyt, born in Decorah, Iowa in 1889, to Walter & Fannie Hoyt. One of six children. Discarded photos I have fallen in love with. Tracing her family tree, I had hoped I would find someone who would want to have a glimpse of ancesters they never knew. The only child to go to college, Aggie moved out on her own, at about 35 years of age, settling in Arizona, she taught Junior High School in Tucson. Having never married, her students, her animals, & her community were her family.

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