Trying to get this uploaded before the deadline. Back after breakfast with credits, although it's hardly a "shrinky shrink," which is what Kayleigh titled her chat. More like an "enlargy large" and a "mergy merge." Smile


...and we are back. Boy, the 4th Quarterly Sale Chat Fest yesterday was soooo much fun! I really needed it, too. For the past couple of weeks I've had a nasty case of scrapper's block. My mojo went walkabout and has yet to return (It is just the worst to be sitting in front of the computer, looking at a blank page, and...nothing. Nothing happens. No ideas, no nuthin.' Sad ), so I was hoping that yesterday would sort of kick-start me. Thanks for the inspiration and comradery, one and all! Smile

This is my entry for Kayleigh's "Shrinky Shrink" template challenge. The idea was to take the template from her chat and modify it in some way. Kayleigh specifically talked about shrinking templates, something I would not have thought to do except for seeing her amazing examples. Clearly I still wasn't thinking about it, since rather than shrink it, I duplicated the template and then merged some of the layers together! Smile

I still have a few other pages to go for this album, but this will be the final page of my Maui vacation book. Not great as photos go, but I like it 'cause it tells me the story of the airport: the people scurrying about, the reflection of the long corridor that leads to the planes, and you can even see the reflection of the photographer! Smile

I've a couple of more 4th Quarterly Chat challenge pages I'd like to finish today, so I'd better get back to work. It's raining here (Finally! We've had unusually high temps recently, so it's nice that it finally feels like fall!), so what better reason to stay inside, all warm and snugly, in front of my computer? Smile

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