22. This is a water jug cover at Donna’s (Beauty Abode) that Georgia decided was a hat - gotta say, it looks pretty good on her! 22. Awwww, the Bateman St girls gave me a cake tonight, my last weekend in the house - very sad. 23. Getting rid of stuff before the removal truck on Monday. I sold everything I wanted to. 24. Our first night ‘homeless’ - staying at Adelong Crescent, leaving the nightlight on for the kids. 25. Georgia decided she had to dress up today, this outfit is so adorable. 26. Cec broke 4 vertebrae in a landing accident on Saturday, I went with Mum to visit her today. She was amazingly mobile for someone with a broken back. 28. One of my students set up a magical things table for her individual presentation, looks fab!

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