My dd is an adult with autism who had never felt quite like "other people." She has spent most of her life fighting for acceptance. Fortunately today there are wonderful public resources and enjoyable venues such the Temple Grandin Story and Parenthood where those not familiar with Autism Spectrum Disorder can learn about and, hopefully, more easily understand and accept individuals of any age with ASD. And then our ASD children can grow up in an environment where they, in turn, can learn at a very young age the skills necessary to be "just like everyone else". Tonya enjoys being part of her pirate guild. I've made an album of some of her "character" shots for her birthday. This and a few others are some of those LO's.

My thanks to:

Anna Aspnes - Two-Step Template

HG Designes - Steampunk Gears, Glitterspray, Grunge Frames

Scrap Anges - Bruissements De Gourmandises

Background photograph - Joakim Kraamer "Starz"