What a week - nonstop crazy. I was so glad to get home and collapse into my own bed!

Journaling: SGIA 2010 October 11 - 15: Very busy week - from 4 am Monday until 11:45 pm on Friday – at the SGIA trade show in Las Vegas. Installed graphics at the Convention Center after we arrived on Monday. Had dinner with Vickie and Tom at the hotel (the Las Vegas Hilton) Monday night. Every day started at 7:30 am with a breakfast meeting, ran through seminars, booth duty and customer meetings, and then collapse into bed. I only had my P&S, not that it mattered, and had about 20 minutes to spend on the net one night. Not a bad week, but I wish I had more time to be a tourist.

Credits: E-mail Inspiration 101010 Scroll. Lighty Letterbox, Classic Cardstock Buttercup and Color Inspiration 6 13 10 digital papers, all Katie Pertiet, Designer Digitals. Font is Georgia.