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I believe I had a blast playing with my Kuan Yin brass statue and tilting her head with Puppet Warp and adding light to her face with Viveza 2 (the new software for adjusting exposure selectively)!! I am not really a Buddhist. I just like their sculptures and the diversity of divine beings in their deal. Kuan Yin is the boddhisatva of Compassion and I keep here in my consulting room to remind to be nice. That is me in a tree in my old village where I lived when I was at my most utterly free in life…. think I was about 32 when this was taken…. I just took a photo of it the other day where it sits in my office …photo of a photo….you know…layers.

I believe in layers of existence.
I believe that time and space are temporary and permanent all at once.
I believe all Being is woven into a net of becoming and being and going away.
I believe the human story is one way to hold time and keep being in place.
I believe that the Universal Love Force is both Creator and Destroyer.
I believe that I create my own spot in the magnificent net of being.
I believe that Mystery is the Truth we can know.
I believe in the power of joy and love.

Thanks for looking into this…..

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