This is actually the very last page of my 90-page Cruise-book...
I've been so busy scrapping, that I haven't had time to keep track of my supplies... But, as usual, about 99% of the supplies used are from various designers here at DesignerDigitals!
My whole book is here;

I made this page this morning, and I thought this was the perfect photo to end my book!
On the cruise, we met a young family from "our" town, Gothenburg. We spent some time together on the ship and we all came to adore their son, 4-year old Neo. They were booked on the exact same flights as us from Miami, to Gothenburg.
And this is Neo and my husband heading for our Gothenburg-flight in Paris. Neo was so cute! He just grabbed his bag and went with Leif when our flight was called.

"A Bit of Grunge no3" by Katie Pertiet
"FlutterBy FotoBlendz No1" by Anna Aspnes

Plane from "Bon Voyage" by MiraDesigns