Another page for an album for my son with messages and lessons about LIFE I want him to remember as he moves through life and makes decisions. This message is important and simple and clear and yet so hard some days.

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Katie Pertiet

Carded Stacks No. 01 (LOVE THESE!!)

Neautral Word Bits No. 01

Yellow Word Bits No. 01 and 02

Home and Garden Kit (file label)

Bookplate Notes No. 02

Roughed Up Solids Someday

Roughed Up Solids Hereford

Loosely Labeled No. 03

Red Tab Alphabet

Chipboard Alphabet Red

Anna ******

Stitched by Anna White No.04

Stitched by Anna Brown No. 01

LabelTransfers No. 02

ArtPlay Palette No. 08 (overlay)

Artist Edge Overlays No. 06

Sports WordTransfers No. 01

Grasshopper PageSet (brush)

Page FotoBlendz No. 03

Wander PageSet (bracket)

Travel WordTransfers No. 01

Different Stokes No. 06 BrushSet

Ali Edwards

Everyday Twill