A layout about those not-so-perfect photos you take. For the just my type challenge...I tend to use this technique quite a bit, a fun way to make computer fonts look like stickers. Thanks for looking!

All DD:
Katie Pertiet
Home and Garden Kit
Simply Patterned Value Paper Pack No.1 (recoloured)
File Labels: Love (recoloured)
Photo Corner Collection No.2
Cardstock Alphabet: Whimsy Blue
Bookplate Notes No.2
Anna Aspnes
Stitched by Anna Baby Pink No.1 ElementSet
Cinefilm Overlays No.1
Ad Challenge - March23/2008, flower brush
Michelle Martin
Kesia Kit (button)
Just Ribbed Paper Pack No.1
Colbie Solids Paper Pack
Lynn Grieveson
Worn Page Edges No.2

Text: These are the photos you never know what to do with. The ones when they are in their own little world. The pictures that are captured between the pictures you meant to capture. But we should embrace the faces that we do get, Scrap those moments when they are playing outside and it just got chilly so they make a cute little grimace. Never forget to keep snapping that camera because you never know what little moment will make you smile for years and years to come.