8. I just canít help it - itís way too tempting to take shots of my Ďbest kidsí - love them so much. 9. My baby girl turned three today, this is at her party at Brightwater park. We got 2 hours of dry out of 5 very wet days! 10. Georgia didnít open her present from Mema & BíPa until Sunday night, she loves her new baby who is sometimes called Sophia and sometimes Chloe. 11. Nanaís last night with her grandkids before flying home. Georgia would not give us a normal smiling face. 12. I met with Aaron my financial planner today. 13. Georgia and I went over to Soph and Jarrydís for dinner and as usual, Soph did a great job in the kitchen. 14. One of the lovely Lillipilly blossoms that cover my trees right now and attract the bees.

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