1. Reece came over to cut my hair today, and it is no surprise that Reece does not have ordinary scissors! 2. On my way to Doc & Nic’s 40th birthday celebrations. 3. The remains of a delicious pork roast Dad cooked that we shared with them. 4. Monday again, a new school term for Hayden and another CMN 213 lecture for me to sit through in LT1. 5. And so it begins, the packing, the stacking of boxes. There is just under three weeks until the removalists come to put all our things into storage while the new house is being built. 6. Empty cupboards, Mellifro came over tonight to help me pack, we cleared out my walk in robe and a lot of the office. 7. The roos were right near the classrooms at work today, I love working with roos!

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