24. Georgia put her horse handbag around her neck and said ‘look Mum, it’s like a necklace’. She was very proud of today’s outfit. 25. I went to Brisbane for Jessie Ferguson’s 1st birthday party. 26. Gordon and Debbie arrived yesterday and I saw them when I went to pick up the kids from Erin’s. Hayden was enjoying playing checkers with Pop-Pop. 27. More marking! CMN 213 this time, luckily I only have one class to do. 28. Cleaning day. I will miss Anne and Dor and their green clean, unless I can convince her to come to Woombye. 29. My usual stop before the COR lecture, I grab my large skinny hot chocolate. 30. This is the model of my new dishwasher for the new house, it was on sale until today so I had to grab it.
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