A photo of my daughter, a senior in college, who is beginning to discover where her college degree is going to take her as opportunities present themselves and doors are opening and she is taking time to make decisions. (We'll focus on those school loans on another page!!)

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Anna ******

Passionaire PageSet

Scanty Journal Lines

Stitched by Anna Circles No. 02

Hands of Time No. 01

ArtPlay Find My Way

ArtPlay Fall Mini Kit No. 01

Bath Time Graphics

ArtPlay Palette No. 10

Painted Overlays No. 02

Painted FotoBlendz No. 05

Stitched by Anna White No. 05

Stitched by Anna Brown No. 01

Journey WordTransfers No. 01

Label Transfer Clipping Masks No. 01

LabelTransfers No. 02

Katie Pertiet

Fine Line Border Lines No. 04