This is my first write true + click challenge (#19). Thanks for the inspiration Katrina. Journalling about a car accident 5 years ago I was in with some friends. Title was inspired by Ali Edwards in a layout titled Tram published in CK in 2006.

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Text (if you feel like reading a bedtime story): Nope, sorry not today. We don’t get to travel across Canada on the journey we’d anticipated. We don’t get to return this old Mercedes-Benz to my brother so he can have his vehicle back. Driving on an anticipated long road trip from Ontario to Edmonton. One day into the trip we decided to leave maybe hours too late. Weather changed from melting snow to freezing on the roads. But we were all so tired. Only a husband to man the wheel and listen to tunes. 3 resting in the car. Nope, sorry not today does our journey continue on the long expected road. I feel a hand on my thigh and then the car spinned out of control. We slide on a patch of black ice. The ice that unexpectedly takes you for a surprise sideways. Sideways until you hit a bank of snow that sends you upside down like a summersault. It all feels like slow motion. The radio is now a blur and skidding tires is all you hear. Until you land on a cushion of snow like God’s outstretched arms blanketing you from tragedy. All is silent. All is still for a moment. You hear cars drive past. And more cars drive past. Maybe no one can see you. Your seatbelt unbuckles. Tears. Panic. But everyone is safe. All people are talking. Adrenaline kicks in with your husband. He desperately tries to shovel everyone out from the broken window. Light. Less panic now. Strangers voices are heard to lend a helping hand. They pull you out onto the highway. 911 is called. But wait in the distance. A transport is headed your way jackknifing in the same way. Thank the Lord he corrects himself avoiding the unimaginable. Life sometimes throws you curves. And those curves remain apart of your life no mater the time. A little piece of the puzzle that makes you you. Nope, sorry not today we don’t get to say we travelled as friends across Canada on a little adventure. But we do get to walk away hand in hand treasuring our lives and friendship. Today we get to carry on in our blessed lives, and that’s what’s most important.