3. Georgia made Grassy Heads at day-care, this little guy is a little misshapen but he’s growing! 4. It’s Prudie’s birthday today. I threw a party at my place for her, lots of adults, lots of kids, lots of food and lots of fun. 5. Father’s Day. Dad with his kids and grandkids. 6. Oh dear. Hayden and I are on antibiotics in case we have Whooping Cough. It’s been going around and Hayden has had a bad cough since Saturday. No school for him. 7. I finally took my papers to the accountant to have my tax done. 8. Make way for ducklings! As I was leaving Torral this morning this family of ducks were next to the road, I hope they keep safe. 9. Hayden has his first wobbly tooth! The top right one in the photo - left in the mouth - he is very excited!

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