I'll say one thing for the graphic style: it's fairly easy to make a page! Now, I'm off to make dinner. Back in a while with the story and the credits.


...and we are back. So, the story is this...

Once again, I was sitting at my computer, fully intending to scrap a meaningful 10.10.10 page; by "meaningful" I mean a "take stock of where you are on this really cool day" page. There were so many wonderful suggestions from the two chats on Sunday, and I had a couple of pages ideas in mind, when I got this email from a friend of mine. She's been after me for over a year to compose a "Top 10 Things to Do in Costa Rica" list for her, as she and her DH are thinking of going. Well, that just seemed like a perfect fit with the whole 10.10.10 thing, so I completely changed gears and started such a page. I meant to make her a Top 10 Things to Do page, I truly did, but as I began going through the hundreds of photos I took there, I started focusing on photos that I thought would look good together on a page, photos whose colors and composition I liked. The resulting page is really more of a "10 Photos of Costa Rica That Shirley Likes" page and not at all a "Top 10 Things to Do" page. I sent her this page, just to show her my photos and I got a polite but puzzled "This isn't quite what I meant" email from her. Smile What? Doesn't everyone want to see cute horses and ginormous iguanas and big, hairy spiders when they go to an exotic country? Smile No? Just me, then. I'll try again to make her a "real" top 10 list...if I don't again get sidetracked...

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