20. Georgia and I made cupcakes today, she chose pretty fairy sprinkles for them. Then she ate the sprinkles and icing off the top and wouldn’t eat the cupcake - oh dear. 21. Today was Hayden’s last soccer match with the Grammar Lions 7 U7 team, the end of the season and a great team match. 22. Hayden and Georgia at Landsborough Park for Xavier’s 3rd Birthday. 23. Just trying to find something interesting today, and practicing close-up settings is always a good idea. 24. Tim and Prue were inked today - this is Prue’s finished foot, Ben added the cherry blossoms around her existing Kanji symbol. 25. A rare shot of me and my new haircut. 26. Mum sent me an old MacLean family photo (1945/46), my Nanna and Papa are in the middle.

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