13. Friday night again - my Friday night companion of late... sad but true! 14. I had my first ‘Private Sale’ open house today and Maria and I came across the frog on the shelf with a caterpillar ‘face’ on - how cute, I’m going to assume Hayden did this! 15. Braith’s birthday is on Tuesday so we had a cake and gathering in the street this afternoon, what a yummy cake! 16. We went to welcome the arrival of Elodie Marguerite Scott, she was born on Thursday 12th, this was their first day at home. 17. Georgia dressed herself up in Hayden’s Jack Sparrow costume and called herself Supergirl - awww! 18. The nights are still cold, I love my Bonds slippers! 19. This is where Ben and I spend most of Thursdays before we teach - sessional staff room.

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