I think a lot of us liked the same lo to lift! Thanks for the inspiration. I lifted look mom, no training wheels

Designer Digitals\Anna Aspnes\ PotPourri Paperie No 1
Designer Digitals\Katie Pertiet\ Vintage frames No. 7
Designer Digitals\Katie Pertiet\ PickMeUp pp, extracted border, extracted flower
Designer Digitals\Katie Pertiet\ Web111807treasureframe
Designer Digitals\Anna Aspnes\ Stitched by Anna Borders No 1 (modified)
Designer Digitals\Katie Pertiet\notebook pp no. 5

journaling: Grammie! Tell me you did not just let Goofy run by without me!
Um, yeah. I did. Sorry. It wasn’t my fault though. Really. Did you know they make you get in a big, long line to take a picture with Goofy? So when I walked right up to talk to him, all those other people in line got kinda restless. Like they were gonna throw us out of Disneyland or something. Tough crowd.
No excuses, Grammie. This is Disneyland! This isn’t some pleasure cruise. You’re supposed to elbow those others out of line for me. Into the clink for you.
Aw, come on, Sadie. Do I have to?
Yup. No get out of jail free cards at Disneyland.