It wasn't all presentations and poster sessions at a conference I recently attended. We did have some free time to ourselves, and since we were staying at a lodge situated on a small, picture-postcard-ready lake high in the Sierra Nevada mountains, there were ample photo opportunities right at our back doors. For example, this was the view from the deck just outside my room; this is what I woke up to every morning. Not a bad way to start the day!

The caption I used on the page is because we always whine and moan about having to attend this annual conference. It's at least a 4-hour drive from where we are, and the conference itself is exhausting, not to mention the weeks we spend in preparation. Still, once we finally get there, we realize that it's not all bad. Smile

I scrapped this while I was actually at the conference, and I had only a small sub-stash of my digi supplies with me on my laptop. I thought about re-scrapping it when I got back, and adding, you know, a bazillon elements, but I kinda like the photo taking up the whole page. It really mirrors how I saw this scene.

Okay, off to get caught up in the gallery...I've missed several days, so this may take awhile. If I get lost, someone send out a search party! Smile

Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Palette Magic ValueKit (black paper)

Michelle Martin
Colbie Solids Paper Pack (super pale lavender paper)

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