Day #8 LOAD

My mom told me she'd read that a child asks 4000 questions in a day. So we decided to check their facts Smile I followed Ian around for an entire day to see how many he asked.

Only 286...and that was enough for me! I think we missed a few when my hubby took Ian to the restroom...but I think we got it pretty close!

Katie Pertiet's
Classic Cardstock: Dragon Trainer

Inked Alpha Brushes No. 02 (coming soon)

Anna Aspnes'
Straighline Stitch Red No. 01

Thanks for looking! (I don't expect you to read it all Wink)

ETA- I followed him around an entire day with a notebook and pencil in hand. He only asked once or twice what I was doing. I just told him I was taking notes and that was enough for him Smile It was 18 pages scribbled out as fast as I could write!