This so describes my first born at the moment: young and wild! Thanks for looking.

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Gator Crossing Kit (bow and flossy stitch)
Alphabetize Me Brushes and Stamps No.1
Home and Garden Kit
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Cut Ups Springtime
Little Bits Alpha: Chocolate
Neutral Word Bits No.1
Cardstock Alpha: Whimsy Blue (recoloured)
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Distressed Edge Overlays No.3
Stitched by Anna White No.2
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Absolutely Acrylic: Arrows
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Sunnyville Paper Pack
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Layered Memories No.110
Colbie Solids Paper Pack
Ali Edwards
The Story Titles Brushes and Stamps

Text: Life is definitely an adventure with you miss Hailey. You are so full of life, so full of spunk, so full of energy! Young and wild describes you well. I love when you run free outside with no cares in the world. Your creativity comes alive and you transform into a playful creature. I love that you discover the world about you during play, watching others and then creating your own world. Love u sweetie pie.