My turn for some scrap therapy!
It was like a drunken party every afternoon from 4.45pm to dusk, screeching and chattering and scolding as several varieties of birds vied for the best berries on the umbrella tree. And I, crouching quietly on the other side of the windows, camera in hand to capture the festivities, was delighted to observe them so close at hand. I hung around at this time of day for three days until I was happy with the pictures I had, feeling slightly guilty that I had been slow to get dinner, attend to children’s homework or finish up the business of each day. No more than a week after these pictures were taken, I heard a chainsaw roar and the tree was destroyed. “It’s a weed tree – a ‘declared plant’ - and we are between tenants in the house so it’s a good time to take it down”, they justified, and my only consolation was that I had taken the time to capture the happy feasting outside my living room window a few days earlier. A life lesson learned.
Katie Pertiet

Worth Repeating Brushes and Stamps No. 11
Classic Cardstock: Oyster Paper Pack
Stitched Journal strips No. 2
This week’s template freebie and text freebie... if the template looks not quite right it is because I can’t use PSD files and have to reconstruct the template for my use.
Anna Aspens stitches
ETA: I live in on the sub-tropical east coast of Australia and the brightly colored birds are Rainbow Lorikeets which are very common, as are cockatoos and kookaburras.

Creative Memories green paper