This was a fun Summer photography project!

What I learned from “31 Bugs”
1. 31 bugs is a lot of bugs.
2. One good bug shot a day is, well, good. Two good bug shots, impossible, so far.
3. August is not a good bug month.
4. Cool mornings are best. Hot afternoons, forget it.
5. When you are not looking for bugs, they’re everywhere.
6. When you want bugs, all you get is skeeters.
7. My 70 – 300 is hard to auto-focus on insects, and hard to focus manually.
8. I look like a predator to most bugs, so the 17 - 70 doesn’t always work.
9. Ants are the most numerous bugs on my property.
10. There are more varieties of spiders than anything else in my yard.
11. My ants are heavily into farming, mostly aphids, but also, unfortunately, scale insects on my citrus tree.
12. The ideal shutter speed/ISO ratio to stop bug motion eludes me. Unless the bug is asleep or cold.
13. Bees will let you get surprisingly close, but won’t stop moving to have their pictures taken.
14. Sunflowers attract all sorts of bugs and make a good background.

Digital papers from Katie Pertiet’s Botanist Notebook #16, Designer Digitals.