23. I went for a pedicure and when my toes were done Donna offered to do Georgia’s too - Georgia was so excited - she had toes the same as Mum, and she showed everybody, too cute. 24. Mum and I went to see David Helfgott and had the chance to meet him after the show. The experience was amazing. 25. Masterchef finale - Adam and Callum, this was just as Adam was announced the winner. 26. Two shots today, Georgia and her baby who is wearing ballet shoes and Hayden shooting me with a potato gun! 28. Week one at Uni and the first COR lecture today, these guys are just too irresistible to not photograph. 29. Mum was folding some of my clothes and saw my undies needed a repair. Today they are back and all fixed. Bless her!

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