Just quick page from last nights game.

"I have to admit, when I found out I was having a boy I could not help but dream of him playing football. I love football. My older brother played for grade school, high school and even some college. I was looking forward to go to the high school games and sitting in the stand and watching my son on the high school football field.

As Von grew, it became increasing clear that my dream of watching him play football was not going to come true. Being autistic made it extremely difficult to play any type of group sport.

In fifth grade, Von decided to try out for the band. He chose trumpet mainly because his step dad played and we had two trumpets at home. I never thought with all of his auditory sensitivities that Von would be able to play in a loud, band. Not only did he prove me wrong, but he is awful good at it. He is first chair trumpet for the third year in a row.

Von is in seventh grade now and still participating in the band. This year, the seventh and eighth grade band members got to perform with the high school band during our Homecoming Game.

Last night I got to live a dream that I thought was long dead and gone....I got to watch my son perform on the high school football field.

I guess dreams don’t have to die but they may change."

Cassie Jones:
How’d They Do That? No. 04: Selective ReColoring

Michelle Martin:
Ingrid Kit

Katie Pertiet:
Rounded Corner Clipping Masks Brushes

Cathy Zielske:
Dotted and Dashed Brushes and Stamps